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Warrior Icons:
There are a lot of Fandom communities out and about in the LJ world, but Warrior Icons is different. The community does not have a specific fandom for our icon makers to work from, all we ask is that the subject matter of the icons knows how to kick some ass!

As a Xena/LoTR/Stargate…etc etc fan myself, its handy to have icons frommy fandoms in one place. Fro example in a single post you could have Buffy next to Mal from Serenity or Joxer standing a couple of icons down from Triple H. The “warrior” could be a top activist, or a female politician, or even someone who campaigns endlessly for human lefts. The possibilities are endless, and its up to the icon makers entirely who they choose.

Welcome to Warrior_Icons! Enjoy your stay!


:*: No hot linking!
:*: Only post your own made icons, unless you have permission from the original artist to redistribute their work.
:*: In the subject header, please list what fandoms you are posting from.
:*: Keep examples to a minium of 4 icons and them post the rest behind a LJ Cut.
:*: Please post any “Spoiler” icons behind a LJ Cut and give fair warning to others.
:*: Icon makers have their own rules regarding their work and what they would like done, please respect this.


A few of our top fandoms are (but not limited to) as follows:
:*: Xena: Warrior Princess
:*: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
:*: Lord of The Rings
:*: WWE
:*: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
:*: Angel
:*: Serenity
:*: Stargate SG:1
:*: Stargate Atlantis.




The layout of this community is from a design by “Amazedxx”
The user info is my own design.
The makers of the default icons for this community will be credited in key words
A special credit goes to the original creator of the community: “Rohandove”